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Fabio Ruggiero research activities are focused on dexterous and dual‐hand robotic manipulation. In particular, his studies are specialized on control strategies for bimanual manipulation of objects in unstructured environments, so to grant to the robotic system the ability to autonomously decide between different manipulation options and to perform quickly reactions to unexpected situations and events. His interests are also focused on visual control, particularly in grasping context where object reconstruction is needed for acquiring data about unknown objects. Recently, he is investigating the problem of perform manipulating tasks during aerial robotic applications.

During his research period at Northwestern University, Fabio Ruggiero started to be interested also in non prehensile manipulation issues, where robot dynamic is used to control object motion.

Fabio Ruggiero is actually co-author of 8 international journal papers, 3 book chapters, 23 international conference papers and 4 national conference papers. He is currently involved in the European project EU FP7 Ideas RoDyMan, an ERC grant to Prof. B. Siciliano, in which Fabio Ruggiero has been an active co-writer of the initial proposal. Morever, he was involved from 2008 in the framework EU FP7 DEXMART, AIROBOTS, ARCAS and SHERPA integrating projects.