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A compass-like biped robot can go down a gentle slope without the need for actuation through a proper choice of its dynamic parameter and starting from a suitable initial condition. The addition of control actions is requested to generate additional gaits and robustify the existing one. An interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control, rooted within the port-Hamiltonian framework, is designed to generate further gaits with respect to state-of-the-art methodologies, enlarge the basin of attraction of existing gaits, and further robustify the system against controller discretization and parametric uncertainties. Other developed techniques use fractional-order sliding mode controllers for generic planar biped robots. Fabio Ruggiero is also very interested in the mathematical connection between biped robots and non-prehensile manipulation control.

Review regarding the connection between biped and non-prehensile manipulation control:

Proposed solutions: